Creativity – Safety – Funcionality

Project proposals give our clients the opportunity to see the look of their future playground, to plan the budget and help them when applying for the funds to various embassies, humanitarian organizations, foundations… Project proposals are free of charge.

PARKOTEK develops projects and plans with highlighting every special feature of each given urban landscape and natural environment. At the same time, safety standards, regulations, and laws relevant to the creation of a playground are taken into account when designing equipment and play areas resulting at the materialization of safe, comfortable and pleasant playgrounds.

The initial stage of a project starts with the study of every specific and general given information, monitoring the characteristics of each project or site and the needs and desires of the customers. We believe that every project development is a process that requires cooperation and information exchange. It is essential that all information of the given space, its context, and the customers’ desires are entirely comprehended.

In the second stage a variety of alternative scenarios and thematic configurations, in cooperation with the customer, is explored. Shapes, colors, thematic spatial configurations, natural materials combined with colored safety underlay are just some of our key ‘tools’. While finalizing the plan, based on our long experience in the field, we help and guide the client to the optimum safe solution, with the best aesthetic spatial configuration. The above process eventually leads to safe, pleasant and colorful playgrounds. Each project is unique to us. We approach with creativity, imagination, and professionalism to all project stages, from the initial development of an idea to the final stage of the implementation and installation of the playground.