Technical specifications

Wooden posts

The intersection of the wooden posts is 95x95mm, made of soaked composed laminated timber (pine with total humidity included in the wood 8-10%, which avoids additional drying and absorption). All wooden parts are processed and with rounded edges, to avoid any injuries. The soaking procedure immunizes the strength and durability of the wooden parts against external climate factors and biological defects.

Timber used for the production of the products, manufactured by Parcotechniki originate from FSC – certified sources (Forest Stewardship Council).

All posts have adjusted metal posts, at the bottom of the post, made of hot dip galvanized steel, which keeps the post at least 80mm from the ground, to avoid direct contact with the substrate.

All wooden parts are treated with primer and finisher coats. The colors and varnishes used to protect the wooden parts are suitable for external use of the product. No dangerous substances are included (i.e. lead, chromium, cadmium or other heavy metals). All colors and varnishes are water-based, appropriate and safe for use even for children. The painting or varnishing procedure for the soaked wooden parts is accomplished via impregnation.

Wooden stairs and elevated platforms

Wooden stairs and elevated platforms are made of soaked pine (total humidity reduced to 16-18%). All edges are processed and rounded to prevent any injuries. Drying increases the strength and durability of wood due to external climatic factors and biological changes.

All elevated platforms are enclosed by safety barriers – panels made of waterproof plates.

Metal poles and metal rods

All metal parts are made of hot dip galvanized steel. The contour cutting, as well as the inner designs of the bases, are made with the use of Laser cut technology. To further protect the metal parts against rust, as well as for aesthetic reasons, the metal parts are painted with electrostatic powder polyester (two layers). All steel parts have appropriate corrosion protection, suitable for an aggressive marine environment. The surface preparation and application of the hot-dip process conforms in all respects with EN ISO 14713 and EN ISO 1461.

Metal poles have a cross-section of Ø60mm, while swing metal beams have Ø76mm.


The bottom part of a slide is made of heavy duty, durable polyester (PET) and HPL side handrails (18mm thickness). Both materials are enriched with UV resistant filters. Each slide has a horizontal starting section of 350mm length. The angle of inclination of the sliding part is 45-60°. Each slide has a metal handrail across the opening, which obliges the user to sit down before the sliding starts, for safety reasons. The slide structure is manufactured and installed as a whole single piece.


The swing seat is made of an aluminum core, coated with soft natural rubber. Rubber coating is solid, durable and UV-resistant. The seatbelts are made of hot-dip galvanized steel.
The swing seats are manufactured and certified in accordance with EN1176 standards.

Plastic components

All plastic components required for the manufacture of the equipment have a high resistance to UV rays and harsh external conditions. Therefore, the materials used are recyclable, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyamide (PA), enriched with stabilizers for protection against ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

All screws protruding from the equipment over 5mm are covered with plastic polypropylene plugs.

Climbing net

Climbing nets are made of six-cell ropes, and consist of six steel, hot galvanized strands covered with polyamide ropes and twisted to give a strong and durable rope. Designed especially for children’s hands, to climb more easily and safely.

HPL (Hign-Pressure Laminate)

HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) MEG type (Material Exterior Grade) is a new material on our market. It is resistant to extreme external climate conditions. It consists of cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic resins, bonded under high pressure and temperature. The outer surface is composed of a colored decorative sheet impregnated aminoplast resins, waterproof coating resistant to UV radiation. The HPL is accompanied by a written warranty lasting 10 years for color and the material surface and 20 years for mechanical strength. All HPL parts are molded and cured at a pressure not lower than 70kg/cm² (85-140kg/m², depending on the size and thickness of the panel, and the scope of use).


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