Guarantee validity period

The guarantee covers defects related to the stability of the equipment, materials failures and defects related to the construction procedures. It doesn’t cover defects caused by wrong installation and maintenance, vandalism, normal aging material failure and light color changes due to aging.

Our company grants guarantee for all products as follows:

  • 20 years for:
    –    all parts made of HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)
  • 15 years for:
    –    all parts and structures made of aluminum
    –    all parts and items made of plastic (PET) reinforced with fiber glass
  • 10 years for:
    –    all soaked wooden parts (with TANALITH E3492) via vacuum-pressure vacuum procedure, for the cases in which the wood has no contact with the solid ground
    –    surface treatment of all steel parts, hot deep galvanized, stainless steel
    –    surface treatment of all aluminum parts, anodizing, painting
  • 5 years for:
    –    all painted or varnished, non-soaked wooden parts
    –    all simple plastic parts (PET)
    –    all ropes and nets reinforced with polypropylene fibers
    –    all springers
  • 2 years for:
    –    all soaked wooden parts (with TANALITH E3492) via vacuum-pressure vacuum procedure, for the cases in which the wood has contact with the solid ground
    –    all painted or varnished plywood parts
    –    elaboration of wooden surfaces
    –    all rubber parts or parts covered with rubber and polyurethane parts
    –    all moving parts (for dysfunctions)
    –    all wooden parts of springer equipment
    –    all metal chains
  • 1 year for:
    –    all sports nets

The aforementioned guarantee validity periods refer to the products and spare parts constructed by our company, in our premises in Nea Santa, Kilkis, Greece.

The parts constructed by other companies and used in our equipment (i.e. swing seats, cradle seats, rubber tiles, etc) follow the terms and conditions of each construction company separately.

The guarantee is not valid for defects or losses caused by false assembly of the product. The validity of the guarantee starts from the date of full and complete installation of the products, according to the corresponding invoices.


Replacement of any defected part

The guarantee is valid and includes the replacement of any spare part, as well as the collection of spare parts from our premises, free of charge. The defected parts must be replaced only with original parts constructed on our premises. Therefore, any defected or malfunctioning part must be returned to our premises, in case our production team requests so.

Every delivery must be checked by the customer according to the packing list granted by our company. In case of external damage in the package of the equipment, the damage must be noted on the packing list. In case of damage caused during the transportation, which was, however, not checked upon receipt of the products, the customer must check the products and inform our company within seven (7) days from delivery.


Guarantee terms

The hereby granted guarantee is valid only for the products assembled, installed and maintained according to the instructions of Parcotechniki S.A. and the official European Norms EN1176 and EN1177. Therefore, a diary of periodical maintenance must be followed and held by the customer, accompanied with the corresponding control and maintenance actions followed in each case.

In attachment, we grant you the corresponding maintenance instructions and procedures, as well as a list of the obligatory check controls, that each customer must follow.


Cancellation or exception of guarantee validity

The guarantee is not valid for any damage caused by normal aging, misuse or vandalism actions. The guarantee does not include the cost of any procedure needed to replace a defected part (i.e. disassembly of the equipment and installation of the spare part replaced).

The guarantee is not valid for any surface damage caused by temperature variations or scratches and dents.

Half of validity time is granted for all surface treatment, painting or varnishing, in cases of installation in areas less than 500m from the seaside.

The guarantee is not valid for any small breaks, small wood deformations, slots, tearing or other defects related to the appearance and aesthetics of the product, that cause no malfunction to the structure.


Lialios Vasilios, Managing Director