Parkotechniki Company Profile

Parcotechniki has been operating since 1998, producing playground equipment for amusement parks, urban and sub-urban furniture and sports equipment. Our premises are cited in the industrial area of Nea Santa, Kilkis (North Greece), in a private area with total built premises of 3.500m2 and total area of 14,000 m2. We employ numerous qualified personnel, in which we invest with constant training programs, concerning technical, construction, legal, financial and administrative issues. Modern technological equipment is continuously updated and enriched.

We correspond immediately to the new market trends, in the fields of safety, technology and educational psychology, while constantly improving our after sales service.

All playground equipment is produced according to the current European safety standards for safety of children on playgrounds EN1176 and EN1177. Every single product is attested in accordance with these standards. When creating project proposals we comply with its’ regulations concerning equipment layout, their distance or the surfaces underneath the products.