Wooden posts used for the production of climbers and balancing devices are 95x95mm cross-sectional, made of soaked composed laminated timber (pine with total humidity included in the wood 8-10%, which avoids additional drying and absorption). All wooden parts are processed and with rounded edges, to avoid any injuries. All posts have adjusted metal posts, at the bottom of the post, made of hot dip galvanized steel, which keeps the post at least 80mm from the ground, to avoid direct contact with the substrate. All wooden parts are treated with primer and finisher coats. The colors and varnishes used to protect the wooden parts are suitable for external use of the product. No dangerous substances are included (i.e. lead, chromium, cadmium or other heavy metals). All colors and varnishes are water-based, appropriate and safe for use even for children.

Climbing nets are made of six-cell ropes, and consist of six steel, hot galvanized strands covered with polyamide ropes and twisted to give a strong and durable rope. Designed especially for children’s hands, to climb more easily and safely.