Safety Policy

All our playground equipment is certified according to European Safety Standards EN1176 and EN1177. Also, all our equipment is completely according to new Serbian legal act for safety of children playgrounds.
We offer project design and development, installation, maintenance and after sales services according to European Safety Standards and new Serbian legal act for safety of children playgrounds.

Quality Policy

ISO-9001_-EN_2016PARCOTECHNIKI company is certified according to ISO 9001 standards, for the manufacture, construction, installation, maintenance and technical support of playground equipment, urban furniture and sports equipment. In accordance with the applied quality control and assurance system and the company’s certification with ISO 9001, we offer our customers high quality products, that fully meet their needs, the requirements of the technical specifications and European Safety Standards.

Environmental Protection Policy

ISO-14001_ENG_PARKOTEXNIKH-AE_-10-07-2017PARKOTECHNIKI applies an Environmental Management System and is certified according to ISO 14001.

The design of our products and proposals, in project preparation and landscaping, are made with particular reference to the enhancement, restoration, and protection of the environment and in service to the public and social interest, with the application of the fundamental principles of sustainable design.

Raw materials are 100% recyclable, as well as other materials used (i.e. accessories and packaging materials). The production process products and other departments side products (e.g. stationery, shavings, HPL, etc.) are properly recycled within the context of corporate sensitivity and environmental protection policy.

All paints and dyeing materials used, are non-toxic and water based. Waste from the production process is collected by category in special bins, in our premises and properly removed in collaboration with local institutions.