PARKOTEK Architecture and intermediation bureau

Playing is children’s “natural” language, their most powerful means of expression and an integral activity in their everyday life. They can express their feelings, learn, test their skills, entertain themselves, discover their surroundings and step-by-step define and develop their personalities. Furthermore, free, open areas offer adults the most convenient opportunity for socialization, sports, relaxation, and recreation. We treat play and outdoor activity areas with responsibility and imagination!

About us

Architecture and intermediation Bureau PARKOTEK from Niš is the sales representative for a playground and urban equipment, and other products, of the Parcotechniki company from Greece. In cooperation with aforementioned Greek company, we offer to our clients in Serbia free playground project proposal for your location, according to agreed guidelines concerning equipment, children’s age group, maximum budget… Apart from manufacturing playground equipment, we organize transport and installation works. Customers from Serbia have the possibility of direct purchases from producers from Greece, as well as through the company Kanin DOO from Niš, which is the general representative of all products of the company Parcotechniki for Serbia.